A Nice Remix to Destroy

In preparation for the upcoming double single for A Nice Place to Visit and All Beauty Destroyed, we’ve decided to have a remix competition. We’ve always loved hearing the fan mixes made from the freely available remix kits in our Download section, so we’d like to take it a step further. Since it’s a double single, we’ll be choosing the two best remixes submitted to us by you. All remixes must be completed and submitted to info@aesthetic-perfection.net by February 17th. Two winners (one for each song) will have their remixes included on the upcoming double single. Here are the kits. Have fun!

A Nice Place to Visit

All Beauty Destroyed



Thanks … start working on it tonight … any genre will do??


Hey Daniel.
I’m totally going to go for this (hopefully have the time to finish before the 17).
Also thought I should let you know that the remix kits for Pale and The Ones seem to be corrupted. At least, every time I downloaded them and tried to extract them, I got a “file corrupted” message.
Thanks for all the AP music 😀

Daniel Graves

Some people seem to get corruption messages, but they work for me and most other people. I’m not sure what could be causing it as the files are zipped using the Apple “compress” feature.


I’m personally having trouble with the AIFF files in the remix bundles. This could be because AIFF is an Apple compression that Windows-based programs doesn’t always know how to read. The MIDI in “A Nice Place to Visit” played fine, granted that it’s just supposed to be that piano sound.

Daniel Graves

I’ve had some complaints about this, but it’s proving pretty difficult to troubleshoot. AIFF files should be totally compatible with any operating system and I can’t replicate the problem on any computer I use.

Mechanical Vein

Yeah, AIFF’s are totally fine in Windows. I’m on a PC, and haven’t had any problems with the archives or audio or midi or anything. For those of you having problems, it would help if you’d mention what programs you’re using to open/play the files. I assume you’ve tried playing them in some proper DAW software, not just windows media player or something, right?

Robert C.

When is the official time on Friday the remixes must done? I’ve fallen behind due to sickness and I want to see if I have any extra time to work with or not. I live on the East Coast in the United States.

Embryo Synthesis

Just out of curiosity, what sort of volume of submissions did you get?

danny D

i emailed mine (of these hope remix)on the 10th but didnt get a reply, should i be worried?!

Joker Montana

HA! It’s like in school: read the task exactly before you do it. 😉

Jess Street

So, any word when the final decision will be made? Looking forward to hearing the remixes!

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