Aesthetic Perfection // dj // wtf!?

It may sound a bit strange, and hell, it does to me, too, but I am now officially available as a DJ. After so much touring, and being exposed to many different styles of music, I felt compelled to get out and share it with the world. Like a mad scientist, I’ve locked myself away and tediously, meticulously learned the tools of the DJ trade. Now, I’ve emerged semi conscious, a little less sane, but nonetheless qualified to get it going.

Interested organizers and events should contact:

Rest of the world:




We probably couldn’t afford you in Indianapolis, but that would be a hell of a party. Hopefully Chicago will book you- I’ll make the drive! I’ve already seen you twice at The Abbbey- kickass shows both times! For you to DJ an event there would be killer.


Dood that’s awesome and an amazing idea.
One day when I can afford it, I’ll throw a party and you can DJ it for me.

Rock On Daniel 🙂

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