AP on Warped Tour?

Well, we hope so! We’re asking all of you to vote for us to play next year’s Warped Tour. Simply go to www.vanswarpedtour.com, click the “Take the Survey Link” to the right and fill in your faves (we hope we’re one of ’em). Help us fulfill a dream!


Hollis Pierman

Hi, AP! My name is Hollis, and I’m voting for you to be on the Warped Tour! Love all of your music, especially “A Violent Emotion” and “Close to Human”! You guys are awesome! When is your next show for Denver? Could I have a reply? Send it to me at hollispierman@gmail.com. Thanks! 😀

Sarah Jane Massie

Voting For You Guys!!! I Stumbled Upon Ya’ll And Am Extremely Obsessed!!! My Boyfriend Hunted Down Ya’lls Albums For Me And I Play Them Non Stop! Extremely AMAZING, I’d Die To Meet Yall, Or At Least See Ya’ll Live!

Anna Sauerwein

Extremely disappointed to see I am too late to vote, and even more disappointed that you didn’t make the list. 🙁
Hopefully i can catch you when you’re around again; can I get an alert when you’re in Ohio or Auburn Hills, Michigan? Keep up the killer performances!

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