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Today is the day! The UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING SCORE soundtrack was released today, in addition to containing the awesome score to the movie, it also contains an unreleased, exclusive remix of “Under Your Skin”. This remix was done by Daniel specifically for this release. You will not be able to get it anywhere else! Available now… Read more »

The Devil’s Online

As of right now, the long sought after “The Devil’s in the Details” EP is available as a digital download through all major digital outlets. Find it on Amazon, iTunes and a few others. Our digital media distributor, TuneCore, should also have it available for streaming via sites like Spotify very soon. The physical edition… Read more »

Dance Contest!!!

From now until Jan 31, we will be holding a YouTube dance contest. The rules are simple: Make a video of you and/or your friends dancing to any track off ALL BEAUTY DESTROYED, upload it to YouTube and spam the hell out of everyone you know with it. The person with the most views on… Read more »

Sweet Threads

Daniel Graves is selling his white tuxedo jacket from 2011 on eBay. If you’re interested in this one of a kind item, click here.

Amphi Festival // 2012

We’re excited to announce we have been confirmed for next year’s Amphi Festival in Cologne, Germany. More info to be found here: