Resistanz and Dark Munich Festival

As some of you are already aware, we have decided to pull out of The Dark Munich Festival in Germany and Resistanz Festival in the UK. Anyone who knows me knows I loathe cancelling shows, especially ones like DMF and Resistanz, so this was a very hard decision to make. Resistanz announced the cancellation as being due to my need to focus on writing new material, and while this is true, it’s not the whole story.

We had been working on a European tour in Spring 2016 to debut the new live show and promote a new single. Neither of which, at the time of this post, are even close to ready. We decided to continue with the tour, anyways, but a few weeks into the planning it all fell apart and it was clear that proceeding would be a logistical and financial disaster. Without the tour, doing these festival gigs as one offs would be even worse. So we decided to cancel.

I’m sorry for letting you guys down, but I promise our next European tour will stop in both Munich and Sheffield. For the time being I’ll be back in the lab cooking up new stuff for next year.

– Daniel

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