She Drives Me Crazy, Ooh Ooh!

Our newest double single / EP is now available. Digital only in the US, and available as a physical disc in limited quantities in Europe, “A Nice Place to Destroy” features remixes of “A Nice Place to Visit”, “All Beauty Destroyed” and a fun little cover version of an 80’s classic. Get it now!

1. A Nice Place To Visit Album Version
2. A Nice Place To Visit Formalin Remix
3. A Nice Place To Visit Double Plus Ten Remix
4. A Nice Place To Visit Of These Hope Remix
5. All Beauty Destroyed Album Version
6. All Beauty Destroyed Daniel Myer Remix
7. All Beauty Destroyed Comaduster Remix
8. All Beauty Destroyed EMP 80834 Remix
9. All Beauty Destroyed Sensuous Enemy Remix
10. She Drives Me Crazy

Get it in the US:

Get it in Europe:




Hearing the “She Drives Me Crazy” cover pretty much made this month, perhaps even the remainder of this year, exceptionally incredible for me. It also ties into the full album in a really humorous way. (Please cover more 80’s songs whether or not they are relevant to the album content.)

The remixes are also outstanding and warmly welcomed, given that I cannot stop listening to any of them.


Hearing the cover of she drives me crazy tonight at your concert absolutely made my night, it was ridiculously fun! Thank you so much!


I miss q and not u, but I am excited about the side prcojets. It’s a shame that they never got the recognition they deserved. I hadn’t heard the remixes before, so thanks for posting them.

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