US Tour / Spring 2011

We are very happy to announce that our first ever headlining tour of North America will begin on April 22 in Los Angeles. Coming along for the ride will be our good friends Faderhead, who will support us for the entire tour. Plus special guests Everything Goes Cold. Tourdates can be found in the Live Dates section. See you on the road!


Michael Tate

You need to come back to Minneapolis. We loved you when you stole the show from Combichrist. I personally know a handful of people who instantly became fans seeing you live, and we need our fix!

Hell if you were even going to Chicago we’d take a fucking 8hr road trip to see you! At least get close!


You guys have soooo many fans Down here in florida!!! orlando is like the best place in the south eastern US for you guys to perform, lots of German roots down here too:D


so upset you aren’t coming to Northern California with this tour… and the night you are in southern california i will be seeing mesh, iris and de/vision in san francisco!


Nooooo I just moved out of Rochester to NC! Guess I’ll have to try for Richmond. 🙁

Rob Surrena

Cannot wait for you guys to make it out to Pittsburgh again! We may have to try to make it to your Ohio shows too!

Joe Ott

Between 5/7/11 and 5/19/11 it looks like you have some openings for shows. I was talking about this to Michael Wimer from Musicwerks in Seattle. He previously worked indirectly with you when you toured Seattle last year with Combichrist. He would like to book you for a show in seattle. Please contact him at

Daniel Graves

We know Musicwerks Mike, of course. But the way the tour is routed it makes it impossible to get to Seattle on this run. We’re gonna go again and hit the PNW, don’t worry.

Mark Cruikshank

Hey Daniel……Could you play “A Quiet Anthem” tonight in Springfield? It makes My Girl Horny.Thanks.

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