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The new and improved Aesthetic Perfection website is up and running. Very soon there will be a funtioning web store and media sections.

For the meantime head on over to the tourdates section for a complete list of shows lined up to support CombiChrist in Europe this Spring!


Cyklyk Paradigm

A friend told me about your works…I’m very pleased she did…keep it up!
also I bought your albums off of itunes..hope they didnt rip you off to much..and I hope to hear more from you soon..


Enjoy your music I hope you can find a way to the US easily understood if you cant.


Looks good my dear. And when I first heard you’d be supporting combichrist I got proper excited, but now I’m disappointed as you’re not doing the UK dates 🙁 It would be the only reason I’d go to see combichrist again, just to see you play! Point being, come to UK sometime (:


Добавил в свои закладки. Теперь буду вас намного почаще читать!


I love your music. It gets me through the day when everything else is shit.
Please come to Australia some time. You ROCK!


just got turned onto your music from the combichrist page, absolutely love it. Please tour the US. (ohio (: )

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