20% Off Sale

It’s Daniel Grave’s 30th Birthday! But the present goes to you. Head over to the store, select your swag and use the code “DANIELIS30” at checkout to get 20% off! Promotion goes through the end of March.


just a fan

Hi, oh that’s so cool, I tried to order a girlie shirt, but had to cancel the order because the only payment method seems to be PayPal and I don’t have such account and will not create one. Sorry if this causes mess in your webstore. You could impove the shop by telling about payment methods, shipping costs to different countries (more accurately than just “high”) and such in advance, before one has clicked checkout. What’s wrong with a simple bank transfer? Anyhow thanks for the great shows in Finland and hope you come back here soon!

Daniel Graves

Don’t worry, it doesn’t cause any problems for us. Nothing changes in our inventory unless you actually complete the order. About payment methods, a “simple” international bank transfer, as you put it, in the US costs $45 per transaction. It isn’t like it is in Europe. And the webstore is based in LA, we’re only charging what it costs to ship something. LA to Finland is a very long way and that means it’s expensive. I’m sorry you’re displeased with our webstore, but remember we’re just a small band trying to offer everyone in the world the opportunity to buy our merchandise. We don’t have multiple store locations or international bank accounts.



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