Aesthetic Perfection Needs YOU!

Want to help us promote our concerts in your area? Want to work closely with the band to help spread the word about Aesthetic Perfection? Sign up for the street team! We’re looking for creative, highly motivated fans to help us out. In exchange we’ll give you cool perks like discounted tickets to concerts, access to exclusive contests, signed swag, whatever cool things we can come up with. Starting today, Tim Van Horn will be running the Official Aesthetic Perfection Street Team! Simply send an email to with your full name and address.


Hannah Clark

Heya Tim/Aesthetic,

I would love to help promote you guys just let me know what, when and where and it shall be done :]


chris anderson

Danny ill always help any way I can bro. Known you a long time and you know I love the music. Let’s get you guys out there way bigger

Joanna Hemmingsson

Joanna Hemmingsson
Byälvsvägen 181
12847 Bagarmossen

I can promote you in Stockholm. You are the best!

Joshua Becker

Maryland or Washington DC! I love you and you absolutely need to come here.

Ivan Minchev

I will be glad to help with whatever I can! :)) This is my address:
Bulgaria, Sofia city 1750,
Mladost 1, bl. 1, fl. 7, app. 46

Ivan Heath

sounds like fun. my address is
Ivan Heath
9032 4th ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

Van Owen

Sent an email, though I’m not entirely certain how much you’ll need street team folks from Virginia. 🙂

Roxanne Gonzales

I attend or monthly at walk and local bars/goth nights and concerts regularly here in phoenix arizona as well as music stores where I would be able to hand out flyers and such to promote. Wouldn’t be a problem to help!


Any way I can help I would be glad to do for you guys thanks for the music

Elektra Cute

Well I know I’m always promoting bands while I’m on cam. XD I think I’ve made a few converts, actually. Sex sells, baby!

kimmi von star

done done and done. This is more exciting than waiting for a prolonged self fornacating orgasmic experence one can have on a lonely night. XD Word to ya mother.

Sebastian Kaczor

2308 isaac-jogues ,st-jerome
J7Y 4R4
i be glad to help

karna Levin

it did not work to send my adress to the street team thing .. but here it is 😀

Karna Levin
Järnvägsgatan 41

Michael A Tate

Sent an e-mail and look forward to helping bring you back to Minneapolis.


Hey fellas… it e my pleasure to ruthlessly plug the fook out of ya band. I live in Norwich,uk and will happily hand leafets out and other forms of promotion if needs be 🙂


How can I find out, if you’ve got my mail??
Because sometimes my mail-account (or my internet-access?) doesn’t work right, so I don’t know if my mail has been sent or not! :DD


Sent a mail..You know back in the day with MSI they use to pick locations from the middle of the u.s. as “ground zero” then spread out a box of 5 track sampler cds to people n,s,e,w and apart…seemed to work really well for them. Not that you need much else,the music is fantastic. Just gotta make sure if you do that people will do the work of not just handing them out to randoms but walk up,talk,discuss,carry an mp3 player to show off the tracks on the sampler and if they’re into it,give them a cd,info and send them on their way. Plus it’s fun to chat with people. I’ve been doing that with AP stuff forever now. The army is growing. lol


Sent my request to help out in any way possible! Keep doing what you do!

Danuta Pezda

Come to Poland 🙂
I’m not sure how I could help, but I can try.
I’ll do my best to help 🙂
By the way, it would be amazing if you play at Castle Party in Bolkow.

Bruce "BLUDLUST" Forsythe


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