Ask Me Anything 2015!

Just posted a Reddit Style “Ask Me Anything” video with questions posed to me by you on our Facebook page! Enjoy!


RabbidRabbit Madeye (Thumperbeatz)

Well, in response to your lost belief in Bigfoot …. I suggest you watch In Truth Behind: Bigfoot on Netflix. I find fringe science quite interesting and this show I saw was very rare indeed because it treated this subject not as a joke or something to sensationalize but scientific. Well you be the judge .. You do realize there are many species of animals believed to be extinct or none existiant like the elusive giant squid or for many years the snow leopard and even recent discovery of a dinosaur fish long beleived to be extint for hundreds of years. It just take a luck to catch them on camera or you know cage, kill so on.. Well, thats my five pennies worth.
Sincerely, Rabbid

RabbidRabbit Madeye (Thumperbeatz)

I enjoy your musical evolution it shows talent, intelligence, imagination and an openess to expression. Just like Trent Rezznor, when you have the talent you can evolve and grow . That is what keeps me a fan and spining your songs on my sets. Keep up!

Rabbid Thumperbeatz

Daniel Graves

Let’s put it this way: Before we found the coelacanth alive and well in 1938, was there any justification for believing they had survived? No. If someone told you they were still around you’d be right to call them crazy.

Belief shouldn’t be about what is possible, it should be about what is provable. I’ve seen tons of docs on BigFoot, I don’t think there’s any credible evidence that he exists!

Thanks for continuing to support the band. It’s greatly appreciated.

Effe McEville

Is rumored that you will come to Mexico in June, is that true?

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