Australia // Europe

We are more than happy to announce our first gigs on Australian soil. In February Aesthetic Perfection will take the stage down under. In addition, we’ve been invited to support Combichrist on two of their headlining German shows this coming December. These gigs are NOT supporting Rammstein. A complete list of our upcoming shows is in the live section of our lovely site here.

Lastly, we have recently uncovered a box or two of unsold, out of print merch! Head on over to our eBay and have a look.



PLEASE consider doing an all ages gig in Melbourne. Or something to give the under 18 fans the chance to see you. Your Melbourne gig is 4 days after my 17th birthday, and this may be the only chance I get to see you live for a long time.

Daniel Graves

Unfortunately we have NO control over the age limits of the clubs we play, nor do we really have any choice in the clubs we play. I wish there would be some way to help you, but in this case all I can recommend is finding a good fake ID! I had one back in the day. 😉

All the best. Hope it works out.


MMMM! 7 days to go!!!!!! Ticket in hand and waiting in anticipation!!!! Bring on the 30th and the Brissie leg of the tour!!!!

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