Dance Contest!!!

From now until Jan 31, we will be holding a YouTube dance contest. The rules are simple: Make a video of you and/or your friends dancing to any track off ALL BEAUTY DESTROYED, upload it to YouTube and spam the hell out of everyone you know with it. The person with the most views on Jan 31st wins ANY ITEM OF THEIR CHOICE FROM THE WEBSTORE. Anyone who reaches over 30,000 views by the deadline wins SOMETHING SO AWESOME WE HAVEN’T THOUGHT OF IT YET! Be crazy, have fun, we can’t wait to see it.


Leon Noistyle

Hm…das club is a great website for industrial people…but if the contest would get the suport from das klub, people wich are well known in youtube would win and not-well-known guys like me wouldn’t have a chance to win…

by the way, still working on my video but o can’t find any other video on youtube xDxDxD

greetings from germany and sorry for the terrible english XD

Das Klub

Hi again, because users started submitting videos to Das Klub for this contest (without this being expected) we decided to keep an official list of all the entries to your contest so that people can follow along. We have also informed our users of your contest to help promote it. If there are ANY issues with this, please email: immediately.

Daniel Graves

Awesome. Totally cool with us. Much appreciated. Next time we’ll talk to you guys about bringing in Das Klub from the beginning. Cheers!

Leon Noistyle

I deleted my contest video. it wasn’t good enough for such a great Band, but don’t fall in depressions (haha…) i made another one.
Hope u like it and you support me =)

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