electrixmas // sweden

We are happy to announce our addition to the lineup of this years electriXmas Festival in Malmö, Sweden. The event will take place on Dec 19, 2009. Info at: www.electrixmas.org.



Dammit, why Malmö? That’s too far away, come to Göteborg instead! XD (but I will attempt to go anyway)
Saw you at Arvika btw, you were awesome!


A perfect opportunity for my planned Malmö trip, saw you at Arvika and loved it!


Saw u in Arvika…. awsome… we are coming to see u again in malmö… u should headline that place..


We’ll try to make it, you were awsome at Arvika, and we’d love to see you again! 😉

Sylvia Jansson

Had an awesome time in Malmö!! You guys where great. I have some really good pix of you guys that I took when we where having a smokebreak together before you went up on stage. How can I get them to you? Add me on facebook othervise…will put them up there 🙂

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