Gravity | New Single | May 7th

“No gravity, I slip away, I’ve lost my place in ever after.” 

I often feel as if I’m losing touch with what holds me to this Earth. Simultaneously crushed beneath the weight of existence, while slowly being pulled away from it. My new single “Gravity” details my struggle to keep my feet on the ground. Featuring blistering guitars by Sebastian Svalland (PAIN, Letters from the Colony, LINDEMANN) with mixing and production by Rhys Fulber (Frontline Assembly, Delerium, Conjure One, Fear Factory) “Gravity” is a unique mash-up of Industrial Pop and Nu-Metal. 

As an added bonus, the single features a club mix by LIEBKNECHT (Daniel Myer of Haujobb, DSTRD & Rendered). 

“Gravity” drops May 7th.