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The tours are over, finally. After going pretty much non-stop since March I have a bit of time to breathe and focus on the next record. At the moment I have 20 songs that are in various states of completion. More than likely I will pare it down to 10 because I personally never like records with more than 10 tracks. Album is still untitled, which basically shows how preliminary all this information is.

In other news, the US version of “Close to Human” released by Bractune Records, completely sold out of all copies during the Combichrist tour. That makes the album officially out of print in the US. If you want a physical copy you can still order it from Out of Line in Germany.

We also have two more social networking profiles online to further saturate the already bloated world of artists on the internet.

Daniel Graves on Twitter
Aesthetic Perfection on Facebook

Lastly, we are excited to announce plans for the next Aesthetic Perfection video are in motion. The video for “Living the Wasted Life” will be filmed in Los Angeles during November of this year. And just like last time, expect us to have some special edition merchandise to help raise money for the production. Taking it even further, on November 27, 2009, the day after Thanksgiving, we will have an exclusive, one off party/concert at Das Bunker to hock this awesomely special merchandise! Come out and get wasted with us!!!

Upcoming live dates!
10.09.09 – BOB Festival @ Zeche Carl – Essen, DE
10.10.09 – BOB Festival @ Factory – Magdeburg, DE
11.27.09 – Living the Wasted Life Party @ Das Bunker – Los Angeles, CA

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