Rhythm + Control (Out of Control Mixes)

The #MeToo movement was a defining moment in our history. It changed the public conversation about the way we treat women, and opened our eyes to the struggles they endure every day. It forced us all to take a long hard look at ourselves and our society, and take personal inventory of our actions. As a man, it was sobering to read the testimonies of female friends, fans and family members, all of whom had been, in one way or another, victims of sexual assault. I had no idea how pervasive the problem really was.

Moving forward, we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We need to choose friends and colleagues based on their moral character, not their social utility. When we care more about what someone can do for us than whether or not they’re a good person, we all lose. It’s that type of self-interested behavior that protects abusers and silences victims.

This isn’t about any one man or single incident, it’s about working to change culture as a whole. It’s about making all forms of unethical behavior socially unacceptable. It’s about listening to and supporting those who’ve been victimized. We’ve all got to do our part. In that spirit, I’ve decided to release a new version of Rhythm + Control. The “Out of Control” mixes are different only in that they feature my vocals in the third verse instead of the original guest. It is available now via Bandcamp and will appear on all other platforms within the next 24 – 48 hours.


After seeking advice from Ali, Head of The Satanic Temple – Los Angeles Chapter, I’ve chosen to donate 100% of the streaming and download proceeds for the first 6 months to Planned Parenthood. They’re a wonderful organization who provide assistance to women far beyond contraception. If you also want to contribute, I urge you to visit: www.plannedparenthood.org

It’s my hope that, together, we can inch towards a better world.

– Daniel