The Dark Half and Pre-ordering

People often ask “What’s the point of digitally pre-ordering an album / single?”

The answer: On the release date, all the accumulated pre-orders take effect and are used to calculate the artist’s chart position. Fact is, what really matters to labels, distributors and magazines is your chart position on your release date. If you come out of the gate swinging with a high chart position, those who wouldn’t normally give two shits about you or your band will scratch their chin and take notice. That’s how you get tours, that’s how get press coverage. We have high hopes, but without your help, we’re nothing. That’s why we ask, if you’re going to buy our music digitally, if you can, PLEASE pre-order it! It will help enormously. ♥

You can pre-order “The Dark Half” here:

“The Dark Half” comes out August 27, 2013


01. The Dark Half
02. The Dark Half (suicide commando Remix)
03. The Dark Half (∆AIMON Remix)
04. The Dark Half (BITES Remix)
05. The Dark Half (BlakOPz Remix)
06. Dead Ringer



Hey! I was inspired to pre-order “The Dark Half”. I did it through iTunes. I don’t see it in my purchases. Maybe they won’t charge me till it “ships”. I’ll be at your Glendale, CA gig. I’m an old tyme industrial fiend — mid 40’s. Trying to bring my cousin to the show. He saw Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper live recently. Your music is wicked-cool (borrowing from today’s generation). Love the edge and the EBM beats. I was in my early 20’s when I was into FLA, Skinny Puppy, F242, New Order, Depeche Mode (didnt they start the whole thing — LOL?), to name a few. Keep up the strong, dark beats. Wave music forever!

Dee Roc

If it was anywhere but itunes I would pre-order everything you ever produce. I hate apple and their proprietary garbage that forces you to use their software.

But for you Daniel, and considering I just finally got my AP t-shirt (tentacle knife) in the mail from your Out Of Line label (shame metropolis doesn’t sell shirts of you guys or i’d order them all)

I’ll break my usual anti-apple stance and pre-order it if it will help you that much, even though I’ll just buy it again on metropolis on release day 🙂

Anyhing to support my favourite band ever.

If you ever come to Vancouver or Victoria Canada be sure to email me, or message on facebook I’m the guy you talked to recently on there.


I’d really like to order all of the singles, but finding them is a bit of a stretch. I can’t really download MP3s on this computer right now, so CDs are what I’m looking for. Is there any chance that you will be releasing the singles as a CD anytime soon?


“Fact is, what really matters to labels, distributors and magazines is your chart position on your release date. That’s how you get tours, that’s how get press coverage.”

Shame on the music industry!!
That’s one of the many reasons why system sucks. To them we are just numbers…
Wish you all the best dear Daniel.

As Metallica said: kill’em all \m/

Daniel Graves

Unfortunately I don’t think we will be releasing any of the singles on CD. There’s simply no demand for them. But I’m working on it.

Daniel Graves

Much appreciated.

Now that we’re on Metropolis worldwide, you can pre-order from Bandcamp anywhere in the world. You can avoid Apple for all eternity!


I really hope you do decide to do CDs! I’ve got most of your music on CD already, and come to see you perform whenever you’re in the UK, but I’m not going to pay money for digital only.

Maybe a self-release you can sell to fans at gigs? 🙂

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