The New Black Friday

Black Friday is coming up this Friday. The day when we all eat each other alive fighting to get crazy discounts on flatscreen TV’s. In celebration of this most momentous of American traditions, starting today we’re having the New Black Friday sales event! Between now and Dec 1st, use the promo code THENEWBLACKFRIDAY at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order. No lines. No waits. No throat cutting!

Additionally, we recently relocated the web store to Los Angeles, and during the move came upon 33 CD’s left over from our self released “Devil’s in the Details” single back in 2011. These are extras left over from manufacturing, they are not part of the original 500. We decided it would be fun to create new packaging and give you the opportunity to own one. Each is hand packaged, stamped and numbered. There are only 33 of these in existence. We ask that you limit your order to two or less, any order for more will be cancelled and refunded in the name of fairness. These are available right now in our web store for only $15.